Doji Isoroku


Kakita Bushi School Rank 3

Way of the Crane
Add twice your Iaijutsu Rank to all initiative rolls.
May use Iaijutsu Skill in place of Kenjutsu Skill when wielding a Katana. (Will not add Mastery Abilities)
Gain a bonus of + 1K1 plus School Rank to total of all attack and Focus Rolls when in Center Stance.
Sudden Strike
2k0 on attack vs anyone with a lower initiative
First and Last Strike
Strike first in Iaijutsu if won focus by 3 free raises for each 3 instead of 5.

HONOR: 2.5
GLORY: 5.5

Earth 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3
Air 4
Reflexes 5
Awareness 4
Water 2
Strength 2
Perception 2
Fire 2
Agility 2
Intelligence 2
Void 5

Kyujutsu 1 REF
Etiquette 3 AWR
Iaijutsu 6 REF (Readying a katana is a Free Action rather than a Simple Action)
Kenjutsu 1 AGL
Meditation 2 VOD
Acting 2 AWR
Defense 3 PER
Battle 2 PER
Courtier 3 Per
Engineering 2 INT
Calligraphy 1 INT
Shin Tao 3 INT

Sacred Weapon (Kakita Blade)
Bentens Blessing
Ally (Phoenix) 2/4
Quick Healing
Imperial Spouse (3)

Sworn Enemy (Dragon: Kitsuki Tushiro) (4pts)
Haunted (Grandfather {Famous Author}) (2pts)
Haunted (Ancestor who fought bravely during Battle of Cresting Wave) (2pts)
Hostage (2pts) (Political Prisoner of Dragon)

To Hit: 12K5 (10K6) DMG: 7K3
Kakita Blade DR 4K2 (+ 1K1 if Iaijutsu 2 +)
May reroll damage once per Iaijutsu duel (2nd roll must be kept)

Armor: Light Armor + 5 TN Reduction: 3 ( + 5 All Agility/Reflex TN)( + Defense)
TNtbH: 23 Armored: 28
Ring of Minor Reduction (adds earth ring + school rank to reduction) current = 6
total reduction 9


Doji Isoroku

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