Shiba Zejuko


Isawa Ishiken (Void) School Rank 3
Isawa’s Art Technique:
•When casting a spell, you are not limited to the 1 Void per roll rule. Any Void Points spent on an Affinity count twice.
Ishi shugenja are considered to have an affinity for all elements (representing that Void is everywhere).
•(Mastery Level is considered 1 higher when casting or learning spells from an Affinity)
Ishiken-do Advantage (5 pts)
•Allows the use of Void magic.
•Gain a Free Raise on any spell when using a void point to cast it.

Honor 5.1
Glory 7
Status 9

Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 2
Air 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3
Water 3
Strength 3
Perception 3
Fire 4
Agility 4
Intelligence 4
Void 6


Lore (Void Magic) 2 INT
Meditation 3 INT
Shintao 5 INT
Tea Ceremony 1 VOD
Lore (Heraldry) 2 INT
Courtier 2 AWR
Battle (Battle Lore) 1 INT
Defense 3 AGI
Investigation 2 PRC
Etiquette 3 AWR
Calligraphy 3 INT
Spellcraft 3 INT
Kenjutsu 1 AGI
Lore (Oni) 1 INT


Sense Void (VOID)
Drawing the Void (VOID)
Path to Inner Peace (WATER)
Katana of Fire (FIRE)
Fury of Osono-wo (FIRE)
Jade Strike (EARTH)
Regrow the Wound (WATER)
The Eye Shall Not See (AIR)
Symbol of Fire (FIRE)
Fill with Emptiness (VOID)
Binding Major (EARTH)
Fear (AIR)
Void Strike (VOID)
Legion of the Moon (AIR)
Follow the Flame (FIRE)
Borne by the Wind (AIR)


Ishiken-do: (see above)
Precise Memoy: recall information you have seen before TN 10 or higher vs. raw INT
Quick Healer: Stamina treated 2 ranks higher for natural healing


Ascetic: unconcerned with power, prestige and wealth (Glory never changes)
Compulsion (2 point) To seek out supernatural phenomenon. TN 15 vs. Willpower or Honor to resist
Fascination (Spellcraft) (1 point)
Fascination (Music) (1 point)


Shiba Zejuko

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