Amulet of the Jade Magistrate


This amulet can use the spell Whispers of the land (P.72 Prayers and Treasures) 1/day
Additionally it acts like a Crystal Rank 1


Jade Magistrates were the forces of the Jade Champion. They were tasked with crimes involving magic and the arcane.

The Jade Champion was created by the Emperor in response to the flagrant use of maho that Iuchiban and the Bloodspeakers released upon Rokugan. The Champion was to be in charge of the use of magic within the empire, and especially responsible for the prevention of maho.
The Phoenix Council of Five, however, resented this affront to their superiority and control over magic, and rightfully saw the post as a threat to their ability to practice and learn the arcane arts without obstruction or interruption, as anyone in such a post could rightfully demand to be made privy to their secrets. The Masters began to plan to remove the position from the Emperor’s courts, and within five generations the post was empty, the responsibility turned into a joke.

The Council had for centuries used the Asako Inquisitors, who worked closely with the Kuni Witch Hunters to find and stamp out maho, and to make sure no one would think the post of Jade Champion necessary to revive.

The Inquisitors answered only to the Council of Five or the Emperor, although they often worked closely with the Kuni Witch Hunters. The goal of the Inquisitors was to find and destroy relics, users, and cells of maho and maho-tsukai. They were brutally efficient and effective in their work, especially given their Imperial mandate. And in matters like these, even the Emperor himself deferred to the advice of the Elemental Masters. After the Battle of Stolen Graves, the Inquisitors became the rivals of the Jade Champion, which the Masters saw as an affront to their control of all things magical. When the title of the Jade Champion was turned into a joke by the Masters, the Inquisitors became a major force in destroying maho, evaluated to Emerald Magistrate status.

There currently is no Jade Champion.

Amulet of the Jade Magistrate

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