Ancestral Kakita Blade of Doji Himetae

weapon (melee)

Basic Properties of a Kakita Blade:
• DR 4K2; may reroll damage once per Iaijutsu Duel.
• + 1K1 when rolling To Hit

To keep the following benefits you must venerate your ancestor once a week, and on every festival. You must also always come to the defense of anyone in danger of a Shadowlands creature.

Basic Properties of the Awakened Blade:
• + 2K2 when rolling To Hit a Shadowlands Creature (stacks with basic properties)
• Treat your Earth Ring as if it were one higher when resisting Shadowlands Taint
• Add +10 to your TN To Be Hit when being attacked by a Shadowlands Creature

Iaijutsu Related Benefits:
The following benefits are tied to your Iaijutsu skill and Glory. Subtract any Acting, Artisan, and Perform Skills from your Iaijutsu Skill to find the actual value of your benefit. Your Ancestor was a warrior who disdained these skills; contrary to the traditional Crane mindset. She valued the martial mentality of the Crab, which is why she was at Hiruma Castle in the first place.

My Ancestor’s Guiding Hand (Iaijutsu 2+)
Gain 1 Free Raise on a declared Maneuver

My Ancestor’s Sheltering Embrace (Iaijutsu 4+)
Add your Air Ring to your TN To Be Hit and calculate Wounds as if your Earth Rings were one higher

My Ancestor’s Guiding Eye (Iaijutsu 6+)
Gain 1 additional Free Raise on a declared Maneuver

My Ancestor’s Serene Embrace (Iaijutsu 8+)
You are Immune to Fear

My Ancestor’s Sacrifice (Iaijutsu 10)
You may stay alive past the Out Wound Level for a number of hours equal to your Void. You suffer no Wound Penalties during this time and no longer benefit from healing, but after this time, you will be dead.

Glory Related Benefits
All Glory related benefits are usable 1/day and activated as a Free Action.

My Ancestor Gives Me Purpose (Glory 1+)
As per spell Clarity of Purpose p.187

My Ancestor Gives Me Courage (Glory 2+)
As per spell Courage of the Seven Thunders p.173

My Ancestor Gives Me Grace (Glory 3+)
As per spell Wave-Borne Speed p.189

My Ancestor Gives Me Power (Glory 4+)
As per Spell Murmur of Earth p.68 (Prayers and Treasures)

My Ancestor Gives Me Life (Glory 5+)
As per spell Heart of the Water Dragon p.95 (Prayers and Treasures)


Your Ancestor has invested this blade with powers. This blade originally was hers, and she had it with her when she died heroically at the Battle of the Creating Wave defending Rokugan against the Maw and its oni army. When a group of oni broke through the lines your ancestor held them off in order to cover the retreat of a group of shugenja from Hiruma Castle. One of those shugenja was Kuni Osaku, who later was the shugenja who gave her life to buy time to construct the defensive wall later known as the Kaiu Wall.

Ancestral Kakita Blade of Doji Himetae

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