The Black Scrolls

Twelve scrolls were created by Isawa in 42 with pure blood magic to bind and therefore defeat Fu Leng on the Day of Thunder.


Due to the Scorpion altering historical records and spreading misinformation through the Empire for the past seven hundred years, few people within the Empire are aware that the Black Scrolls are the seals that prevent Fu Leng from returning to Rokugan. Because of this, most characters within the Empire simply believe that the Black Scrolls are spells of incredible power passed down through the ages from the time of Isawa.

Characters with the Forbidden Lore (Black Scrolls) advantage know better.


Twelve scrolls were created by Isawa in 42 with pure blood magic to bind and therefore defeat Fu Leng on the Day of Thunder. The Ninth Kami would be bound, but still alive. For more than one thousand years, the Black Scrolls have held Fu Leng’s bound spirit. The original Scrolls contained very powerful beneficial magic’s However, the power they contained has been corrupted by the essence of the Dark Kami’s bound soul, transferring the taint of Jigoku to the scrolls, awakening new effects that would be unleashed should they ever be opened and read. If the scrolls were ever opened, Fu Leng would awaken once more.

On the Day of Thunder, after Fu Leng was sealed inside the twelve scrolls; Hida Atarasi faced the First Oni at Fu Leng’s Keep. Shosuro was the only one who knew a way out of the Keep, and Atarasi sacrificed himself to give time to Shosuro to take Shinsei and the scrolls and escape. The First Oni chased them in the Shadowlands, and Shinsei charged Shosuro with delivering them to the Kami, before he too fought the creature. Shiba himself appeared to confront the Oni and again Shosuro gained time to escape. She was the only Thunder to make it back, and died in Bayushi’s hands upon finally reaching the palace.

Moved by her death, Bayushi demanded the right to guard the Twelve Scrolls, and was granted it by Hantei. After claiming the right to protect the Black Scrolls, Bayushi entrusted them to Yogo. Since that day, the Yogo family has had the duty of guarding the scrolls. . Each of them was hidden in different locations known only by the guardian of each respective scroll. Only the Scorpion Clan Champion knew the location of all twelve scrolls, but this has changed over the last thousand years.

In 445 Bayushi Tesaguri, guardian of the third, fifth, and sixth Black Scrolls sold them to the Phoenix Clan, betraying his oath.

By 1122 the Scorpion have possession of only seven of the scrolls; the Phoenix, three and the other two had been lost.

The Black Scrolls

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