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  • The Hare Clan

    *THE USAGI FAMILY* The Usagi family came into being several hundred years ago during the Battle of Sleeping River. In order to force Iuchiban to inhabit the body of the Togashi tattooed man that would contain him, someone with a pure soul would have …

  • Usagi Tomoe

    Tomoe is a serious, but shy girl. She sometimes forgets to be shy if something really grabs her attention. She becomes lively, speaks quickly and become a little pushy until she remembers she is shy. She normally appears meek and agreeable, speaking when …

  • Usagi Oda

    Oda was a good man put in a tough position; being the daimyo of a minor clan situated between the Crab and Scorpion clans. His clan sword has been missing for two centuries, and his lands have been constantly plagued by an ogre. Oda is quite old …

  • Seiki

    His recent disgraceful behaviour has resulted in demotion to common guardsman.

  • Suki

    She is infatuated the book, _Siege of the Heart_, in which a samurai and virtous peasant girl fall in love during a siege of their castle.

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