Asako Inquisitors (Jade Magistrates)

Organization: Asako Inquisitors (Jade Magistrates)


The Asako Inquisitors were founded the third century in response to the corruption of Isawa Akuma by the Council of Five, to combat maho wherever it might arise.

For many years they were little more than clan magistrates defending the Phoenix Clan from internal corruption, until the rise of Iuchiban which extended their jurisdiction across the entire Empire. They were officially made a sub-group of the Emerald Magistrates, and would frequently work alongside the Kuni Witch Hunters. After the Battle of Stolen Graves, the Inquisitors became the rivals of the Jade Champion, which the Masters saw as an affront to their control of all things magical. When the title of the Jade Champion was turned into a joke by the Masters, the Inquisitors became a major force in destroying maho, evaluated to Jade Magistrate status. There is currently no Jade Champion.

The Inquisitors answer only to the Council of Five or the Emperor, although they often worke closely with the Kuni Witch Hunters. The goal of the Inquisitors is to find and destroy relics, users, and cells of maho and maho-tsukai. They are brutally efficient and effective in their work, especially given their Imperial mandate. And in matters like these, even the Emperor himself deferrers to the advice of the Elemental Masters.

The Asako family assumed responsibility for overseeing the Inquisitors, as the Asako were often left to their own devices by the rest of the Phoenix. The Inquisitors seek to punish and destroy any instances of maho and corruption, and can be easily identified by a tattoo of a strange eye which they bare upon their palms. The tattoos are magical enhancing their perceptive talents, and are provided by the Togashi family. The Head Inquisitor is appointed by the Council to oversee the Inquisitors.

Recently Inquisitors have arrived on the Crane-Scorpion border, where a disastrous outbreak of plague has been discovered.

Notable Inquisitors
• Agasha Asai
• Agasha Kokiden
• Asako Ayako
• Isawa Sakonoko
• Asako Bokkai
• Asako Fosu
• Asako Hitsuko
• Asako Izuna
• Asako Jirou
• Asako Juro
• Asako Kaitoko
• Asako Katashi
• Asako Megu
• Asako Mishime
• Asako Moeru
• Asako Moharu
• Asako Mokichi
• Asako Nakiro
• Asako Rinshi
• Asako Sakuno
• Asako Serizawa
• Asako Soun
• Asako Tsunefusa
• Asako Ujiko
• Isawa Fosuta
• Isawa Mitsuko
• Isawa Shun

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