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4th Edition mechanics will be used for Actions (Complex, Simple, Free)
4th Edition mechanics will be used for Move Actions and Combat Maneuvers
4th Edition mechanics will be used for Mass Battles, modified with some 3rd Edition mechanics

Item Quality Rules in 3rd Edition pg. 183-184

Katana: This weapon gains: Purity of the Blade; once per game session you may make an increased damage roll of +1K1. This replaces the Special Weapon Rule listed in 4th Edition.

When making a Skill, Trait, Ring, or Spell Casting Roll and more than half
of the rolled dice result in 1’s, a Mishap occurs. This means something bad
happened to really screw things up. It could be that outside forces
intervened or simply that the character fouled up whatever he was trying to
accomplish so horribly that he made things worse. Keep in mind that it is
possible to have a Mishap and still succeed at the roll. Sometimes too much
success can be bad (e.g., stabbing through your enemy and your ally behind
him). The exact results of Mishaps are typically in the hands of the GM.

Some Mechanics will have additional changes or House Rules as follows:
Character Creation Steps

Combat Sequence
Dueling Mechanics
Shadowlands Taint
Shugenja Spell Mechanics
Void Points

Other Mechanics Summary Reference

Important Historical Battles
Battle of the Cresting Wave
Battle of Sleeping River
Night of Falling Stars

Important Related Information

The Hare Clan
Asako Inquisitors (Jade Magistrates)

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