Putting It All Together

Matsu Chokoku and the scroll:

Party Left Shiro no Yojin on June 12th
It is now July 4th

Scroll was stolen from the Kitsu (Lion) family
Scroll was closed with the Akodo (Lion) family seal
Ozaki and Tomoe were at court trying to find a better suitor for Tomoe.
Ozaki went to find his missing retainer Seiki (opium addiction) at the House of the Winter Moon
Ozaki is friends of Matsu Akira (raspy voice once injured by boken)
Akira exchanges papers with Soshi Yukio (Scorpion family) known to be an enemy of Akira.
Ozaki feared his friend was being blackmailed.
Not wanting to offend Akira (Matsu’s famous pride) he decides to help Akria without him finding out.
A few nights later Tomoe follows Yukio, and Ozaki follows Akira
Akira receives a large sum of money from Yukio, and Akira gives Yukio “new orders” on the scroll.
Usagi’s follow Yukio but are discovered, pursuit ends in Yukio’s death. They get scroll.
Shosuro Rei has uncovered clues that there is treason being plotted at high levels, both within and without her own clan.
Chokoku knows that one of his retainers (Akira) is involved in some kind of high level treachery. He has been able to use a connection in the Scorpian clan (Rei) to try to intercept a communication using Yukio as the courier.
Chokoku and Rei are both secret Emerald Magistrates recently tasked to their duties by the Seppun magistrates.

The scroll deciphered:
• The Crab are preparing for a large scale attack on the Wall, something is not right
• There is a plague in Scorpion Lands along the Crane border, it’s origin is unnatural
• There is a drought in Lion Lands, it’s origin is unnatural
• The Phoenix Master of Earth has left for the Shadowlands to discover the cause of this unnatural phenomenon.
• Asahina Kazuma, a respected Crane Diplomat, has been violently murdered and replaced by dark magic, someone else is wearing his face (Dream Sending)
• The Master of Void is dead, killed by the same entity that killed Asahina Kazuma (Dream Sending)
• The Entity is also feared to be killing Void Shugenja, specifically targeting them.
• Tushiro (Isoroku’s sworn enemy) has been implicated in a plot with a Lion ambassador to summon an oni to attack the Crane. His actions have caused the death of Isoroku’s wife, Sei. Tushiro’s accuser is Asahina Kazuma. Tushiro has escaped justice and fled, becoming ronin, his current whereabouts are unknown.
• The death of Doji Sei has sparked a conflict between the Lion and Crane at Shiro no Yojin.
• Busaru has news that he may have an Uncle in the Scorpion Lands that knew his real father and if he wants answers he is to come to the Grove of Traitors south of Bayushi Castle.
• Zejuko has been told there are dark magics responsible for the drought in Lion lands, and that the Crane and Lion may be being manipulated. (She has put this together from her Dream Sending, and from verbal information from her deceased Sensai)
• The Hare Clan has been saved (barely) from utter destruction. Bauyshi Tomaru is to seal an alliance through marriage with Usagi Tomoe. The Scorpion Clan have obtained the original copy of the scroll.

Putting It All Together

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