Thank you to all of my players, who made this run a very memorable run. I was sorry to see that our changing life events pull us away from the game. I wish you all the best. And we all wish Isoroku and Zejuko the best on their marriage and future together!

It is the 12th Century: year of the tiger 1122, and the 19th year of the reign of Emperor Hantei the 38th. The Emperor is 44 years old, and has not remarried after the death of his fifth wife in 1111. His only heir, Sotorii, is 11 years old. It is the Month of the Horse (June), and spring will soon be turning into summer. The land itself seems restless, poised as if it rests at the moment before a storm. And rumors speak of a plague…

Welcome to Rokugan,

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Important Historical Battles
Battle of the Cresting Wave
Battle of Sleeping River
Night of Falling Stars

Important Related Information

The Hare Clan
Asako Inquisitors (Jade Magistrates)

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Rokugan: Shadow Creeping

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