• Bayushi Kachiko

    Bayushi Kachiko

    She dresses in the finest silks and wears a thin veiled mask. Her kimono's are cut to hint at her sleek figure. She tends to answer questions with questions or cryptic answers. She is fond of flirting with the Rokugani aversion of touch.
  • Bayushi Shoju

    Bayushi Shoju

    He is a powerful daimyo, although he is never seen without his mask. He is an exceptionally skilled left-handed duelist, and a keen political strategist.
  • Bayushi Tomaru

    Bayushi Tomaru

    He is large, with strikingly handsome features and an arrogant cast to his face. Known for his direct and blunt tactics, he prefers to remove obstacles through sheer determination.
  • Doji (Seppun) Sei

    Doji (Seppun) Sei

    Spouse of Doji Isoroku
  • Doji Satsume

    Doji Satsume

    He walks slightly bow-legged from many years spent on horseback. His stride is purposeful and direct, just like his speech. His voice is sonorous but harsh, carrying hints of a threat. His most distinguishable feature is his facial scar.
  • Hantei XXXVIII

    Hantei XXXVIII

    The reign of Hantei XXXVIII has been marked largely by a lengthy period of peace in Rokugan. The Emperor manages to keep the Clans from warring excessively, though it has taken a toll on his health.
  • Iuchiban


    The most dreaded Bloodspeaker.
  • Kenzo


    Kenzo is a young peasant of the Hare Clan in who dreams one day to become a samurai.
  • Kitsuki Tushiro

    Kitsuki Tushiro

    He wears his hair in a flowing tangled style, much like a Lion. He does this to mock Isoroku, his Crane enemy. He also has a perpetual smile that says I know more than you do.
  • Masago


    A small woman with mean eyes and a serious demeanor. She has a pitch black handprint covering her mouth and left side of her face.
  • Matsu Chokoku

    Matsu Chokoku

    A well known member of the Lion clan. He is known for his courage in combat, having once killed an oni single handedly after it frightened off half of his troops. Those who fled he ordered to commit seppuku.
  • Seiki


    Seiki is big, brash and hairy, and he refuses to back down from fights.
  • Shosuro Rei

    Shosuro Rei

    A samurai-ko of medium height, her features are slightly puffy, like she doesn't get enough sleep. Her mask is a metal mesh in the shape of a spider web, stretching across her face, and a spider shape is cut over her left eye.
  • Suki


    Suki is a chambermaid in Shiro Usagi in. She appears pretty, in a heavy, peasant way. She is a friendly flirt, and total romantic.
  • The Elemental Council of Five

    The Elemental Council of Five

    The Phoenix Elemental Masters of Magic
  • Togashi Yokuni

    Togashi Yokuni

    He appeares as a huge muscular man dressed in Dragon Clan armor carrying the Togashi's Daisho. His eyes seem to glow yellow behind the slits of the Togashi's Mask, and he has never been seen without it. He spends most of his time in isolation.
  • Usagi Oda

    Usagi Oda

    Oda always wears the traditional red and white colours of the Hare Clan. His clothes are normally very plain. He is slender and a little short.
  • Usagi Ozaki

    Usagi Ozaki

    Ozaki is a slender man, not overly tall, with a rather weak chin. His cloths are formal and conservative-- a year or two out of date by court standards.
  • Usagi Takeshi

    Usagi Takeshi

    Takeshi is the gruff old karo* serving Usagi Oda.
  • Usagi Tomoe

    Usagi Tomoe

    Fortunate enough to get her mother's chin, yet keeping the wide, expressive eyes and delicate features of her father's family. Attractive, very slender and short-- almost doll like. Her dresses and hairstyle appear outdated.