Doji Satsume

He walks slightly bow-legged from many years spent on horseback. His stride is purposeful and direct, just like his speech. His voice is sonorous but harsh, carrying hints of a threat. His most distinguishable feature is his facial scar.


Crane Clan Champion (Diamyo of the Crane Clan)
Emerald Champion (Head of the Emerald Magistrates*)

Status 9.5
Glory 9.3

*The Emerald Magistrates are the enforcers of the Emperor’s laws, answering only to the Emperor and the Emerald Champion. They have broad powers to achieve this goal, including the rights to recruit assistance, hold trials and mete out punishment, although their powers are only applicable in cases of Imperial, not local law. Emerald Magistrates often deal with problems arising between clans. They also serve as observers for the Emperor, gathering information on the Empire and meting out his justice when needed. Some are assigned as yojimbo to those in the Emperor’s favor, also doubling as spies to those under his suspicion. One of the most important duties of the Emerald Magistrates is to protect the Emperor’s roads and those travelling them.


During his duty with the Emperor’s guard Satsume was badly injured while defending the Emperor from a ninja infiltration. The injury left Satsume with a scar running from his left eyebrow to the corner of his mouth. As the scar healed it contracted the skin of his face, resulting in a strange “half grin” which served as a constant reminder of his loyalty to the Emperor. The scar earned him the name the “Grinning Crane”.

Satsume is capable of performing his duties as both Crane and Emerald Champion, but when away on official duty he leaves his son, Doji Hoturi in charge of the Doji household. His duties have left him little time for his family, and when his single-mindedness to his duty drove his wife, Doji Teinko to her suicide. This planted a deep wedge between Satsume and his eldest son, Doji Hoturi. Satsume has regretted this, but his pride stands in the way of any form of apology. He chose instead to focus his energy on his youngest son, Doji Kuwanan, who shares his zeal for combat and justice.

Doji Satsume

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