The reign of Hantei XXXVIII has been marked largely by a lengthy period of peace in Rokugan. The Emperor manages to keep the Clans from warring excessively, though it has taken a toll on his health.


Hantei Jodan was born in the year 1078. Since his youngest years he has been a pupil in the Kakita Dueling Academy, and he is known for his idealism and hope for a better Empire. He deeply believes in the code of bushido.

Through barrenness and misfortune, he, his wives, and his concubines had great difficulty bearing and keeping children. In the year 1107, his concubine from the Crane Clan bore him a son: Hantei Sotorii, and Jodan married her. She died three years later after giving birth to Sotorii, under mysterious circumstances.

Recently, the Emperor has fallen into a deep political apathy, and devoted himself completely to raising his son. The clans, and various military oligarchies have grown in power, to the point where some speek openly against the Emperor.


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