Kitsuki Tushiro

He wears his hair in a flowing tangled style, much like a Lion. He does this to mock Isoroku, his Crane enemy. He also has a perpetual smile that says I know more than you do.


Insight Rank 5 (207)
Kakita Bushi 1/ Kitsuki Investigator 2/ Ronin 2
Honor: 2.5
Status: 0
Glory: -4 (Infamy)

Way of the Crane
Add twice your Iaijutsu Rank to all initiative rolls.
May use Iaijutsu Skill in place of Kenjutsu Skill when wielding a Katana. (Will not add Mastery Abilities)
Gain a bonus of + 1K1 plus School Rank to total of all attack and Focus Rolls when in Center Stance.

Kitsuki’s Method
Gain a Free Raise on all Investigation Skill Rolls. Also add Perception Trait Rank to Armor TN.

Wisdom the Wind Brings
+5 per School Rank to the TN of anyone trying to lie or deceive you, also to anyone trying a Feint or Disarm against you.

The Rage of My Broken Heart
Gain a bonus of + 1K1 to all Attack Rolls against a singel opponent. Choose Attack or Damage at the beginning of the round, only one opponent per round may be chosen.

Jealousy is My Armor
If wounded, gain a bonus to initiative eqaul to wounds suffered, only applies to the following round. Roll + 2 Dice when attacking someone who wounded you during the next round only.

|EARTH:3||AIR: 5|| FIRE: 3||WATER:4||VOID: 3 |
|Stamina: 3||Reflexes: 5||Agility: 3||Strength: 4|
|Willpower: 3||Awareness: 5||Intelligence: 4||Perception: 6|

4 Etiquette (Courtesy) (AWR) (9K5) (3 Insight)
7 Iaijutsu (Focus) (REF) (10K6) (Readying a Katana is a Free Action; Gain a Free Raise on Iaijutsu (Focus)/Void roll during the Focus Stage of an Iaijutsu Duel)
2 Kenjutsu (AGL) (5K3)
4 Kyujutsu (REF) (7K5)
4 Sincerity (AWR) (9K5)
2 Tea Ceremony (VOD) (4K2)
5 Courtier (AWR) (10K5) (3 Insight; +1K0 to all contested Courtier Rolls)
5 Investigation (Interrogation) (PER) (9K4)
2 Meditation (VOD) (4K2)
3 Lore: Heraldry (INT) (7K3)
3 Shintao

(3) Allies: (Father 2 Influence 1 Devotion)
(2) Clear Thinker: +1K0 on contested rolls against someone trying to confuse or manipulate you.
(10) Multiple Schools
(1) Wealthy

(3) Dark Fate: Before you die you will usher tremendous darkness into the world in some way. Also, once per session, when you suffer wounds that would kill you, you are instead reduced to one Wound.
(2) Driven: To make Seppun Sei love him.
(3) Jealousy: Doji Isoroku
(2: No Points: 1) Sworn Enemy: Doji Isoroku
(No Points: 7) Lord Moon’s Curse: Gain a Free Void Point on night’s of the full moon, but make Willpower TN 30 or lose control for the evening with no recollection of what you may have done.
(No Points: 3) Bad Fortune: Lingering Misfortune: At some point in the future an extremely important roll will fail in a spectacularly disastrous fashion.


Tushiro is the only son of a wealthy magistrate. When he was younger he was promised in an arranged marriage to Seppun Sei, a beautiful and promising shugenja. In order to seal the marriage agreement, Tushiro was sent to the Kakita Dueling Academy at Shiro sano Kakita. At the academy he met a Crane, Doji Isoroku. Isoroku and Tushiro were friendly allies, and they could have become close friends except that Tushiro soon became jealous of Isoroku’s natural fluidity with the katana.

Jealously turned into hatred when Sei’s father decided that the original marriage agreement was not beneficial enough for his daughter, and new arraignments were made. Due to Isoroku’s prominent ancestor, who was a famous author, and whose path Isoroku was expected to follow, Sei’s father determined that Isoroku would be the better match.

Incensed, Tushiro left the Kakita Dueling Academy and swore to make Isoroku pay for the humiliation. He threw himself into new studies at the Kitsuki Diplomat Academy with a single-minded devotion. Later, through political maneuvering and his father’s connections, he was able to begin his quest to make Sei his own.

He is currently on a diplomatic mission at Shiro no Yojin, attempting to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Lion-Crane situation. His voice speaks strongly for the Lion’s cause. Recently, he has been able to seperate Isoroku from Sei, and is attempting to drive a wedge in their relationship.

But something sinister is happening at Shiro no Yojin that his Kitsuki training cannot ignore.

Kitsuki Tushiro

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