Shosuro Rei

A samurai-ko of medium height, her features are slightly puffy, like she doesn't get enough sleep. Her mask is a metal mesh in the shape of a spider web, stretching across her face, and a spider shape is cut over her left eye.


Appears to be in her late 20’s
Bayushi Bushi Rank 4
Scorpian Magistrate


Rei is very loyal to the Emperor and her Daimyo. She considers Bushido a set of “useful untruths”, untrue because she’s seen too many violations of it. She is very cynical, but believes it is still best for people to try to follow bushido.

Rei serves as a Scorpian Magistrate. She is primarily interested in pursuing justice, but not just to gain power. She believes that wrongs have to be punished, although crimes have to be very bad to make her incensed. She feels the little things, such as drunkeness, minor bribery/blackmail and non-fatal brawling, are not worth the trouble. She is more likly to mete out some informal punishment than go through the proper channels. The things she deems most serious are things like the deaths of innocents and treason.

Shosuro Rei

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