Usagi Oda

Oda always wears the traditional red and white colours of the Hare Clan. His clothes are normally very plain. He is slender and a little short.


Hare Clan Daimyo

Hare Bushi Rank 1
Akodo Bushi Rank 2

All stats 3
Void 2


Battle 2
Defense 2
Iaijutsu 2
Kenjutsu 3


Oda was a good man put in a tough position; being the daimyo of a minor clan situated between the Crab and Scorpion clans. His clan sword has been missing for two centuries, and his lands have been constantly plagued by an ogre.

Oda is quite old fashioned in his adherence to Bushido, but he is not too formal or stuffy. He is down to earth, takes his duties seriously, and is earnest in almost everything. He never jokes, and will hestitate when laughing to make sure he understands the joke.

Oda has two children, his son Usagi Ozaki and his daughter Usagi Tomoe.

He knows his daughter Tomoe is a beautiful girl, but Oda can not afford a big dowry. He decided to send her along with Ozaki to Otosan Uchi to find her a suitable husband, preferrably an influential Crab or Scorpion. The most interested suitor was Yasuki Nokatsu, but Oda does not want to entrust her to a man who floggs slaves for a living.

Usagi Oda

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