Usagi Tomoe

Fortunate enough to get her mother's chin, yet keeping the wide, expressive eyes and delicate features of her father's family. Attractive, very slender and short-- almost doll like. Her dresses and hairstyle appear outdated.


Kitsu Shugenja School Rank 2


Tomoe is a serious, but shy girl. She sometimes forgets to be shy if something really grabs her attention. She becomes lively, speaks quickly and become a little pushy until she remembers she is shy. She normally appears meek and agreeable, speaking when spoken to and waiting until other spoke their mind. She often gets enthusiastic when talking about puzzles, or magic; believing it to be the best way to enlighten the human soul.

Her father recently sent Tomoe to Otosan Uchi (Imperial Capitol) to try and find a suitor. Oda couldn’t afford a big dowry, and was hoping for an influential Crab or Scorpion. The most interested seemed to be Yasuki Nokatsu, but Oda did not trust a man who flogged slaves for a living. She is also very vocal about the subject of marriage, she has set very high standards for what she’ll accept in a husband.

Usagi Tomoe

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